Cecilia is a sound and new media artist based in London. 
As an artist, her focus is built upon the practise of Deep Listening, a physical experience embracing the idea that listening extends beyond the auditory, forming a creative space for nature and imagination to intertwine. An avid field recordist, she draws upon her listening experience with the outside world, to explore how these thresholds and cross-boundaries can exist within our landscapes in both vast and microscopic scales. 
Cecilia works primarily with sound, moving image and photography, calling our attention to resonance within the auditory landscape; frequencies and sound that would other wise go unheard.
Graduating with an MFA in Film, Video, New Media and Animation from the School of the Art Institute Chicago in 2021, I am currently taking part in the BBC Open Music Training scheme for 23/24.
                                           Photo: Nic Roque 
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